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NueTec AOC18G HDMI Cable 12.0m Optical

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NueTec Optical HDMI Cable 12.0m. 18GBPS <4k <60Hz <4:4:4 UHD compatible. Delivery 3-5 Days
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NueTec AOC18G Optical HDMI Cable

NueTec AOC models stand apart from all current Active Optical Cables. The proprietary system on a chip (SoC) optical module utilise 4 Channel 6Gbps Receiver/Transmitter in conjunction with the VCSEL array. This advanced SoC for greater compatibility with a variety of HDMI input and output chipsets. Simply plug in the cable and you will be ready to enjoy a judder-free image whilst playing the games that you love, and watch your favourite films lit up by 1 billion colours. The 18Gbps bandwith will carry a full uncompressed HDMI 2.0 payload (17.8Gbps). Far in excess of 10.2Gbps High Speed connection (e.g. HDbaseT & others).

Guaranteed to support full HDMI 2.0 features (3840x2160, HDR, REC. 2020, 8/10/12/16bit, RGB, YCbCr 4:2:0/4:2:2/4:4:4, 24-60Hz) this cable offers everything you will need in a modern set up. Terminated with Type A HDMI 19 pin connectors, there is no need for a transmitter/receiver and also boasts immunity to RFI, giving the option to have the cable in close proximity to Wi-Fi.  NueTec have also achieved a very low Bit Error Rate (BER) giving you the best possible picture quality as far as 30m. 

  • 18Gbps bandwidth - To carry full uncompressed HDMI 2.0 payload (17.8Gbps). Far in excess of 10.2Gbps High Speed connection (e.g. HDbaseT & others).
  • Guaranteed to support full HDMI 2.0 features - 3840x2160, HDR, REC. 2020, 8/10/12/16bit, RGB, YCbCr 4:2:0/4:2:2/4:4:4, 24-60Hz.
  • Plug and play - Ideal for gamers and movie fans - Connect within seconds and watch your favourite movies lighted up by 1 billion colours. Enjoy a jadder-free image while playing your favourite games.
  • No need for transmitter and receiver - Terminated with Type A HDMI 19 pins connectors.
  • Very low Bit Error Rate (BER), Jitter & Noise - Best possible picture quality at maximum distance (30m).
  • Immunity to RFI - Can be placed in close proximity to Wi-Fi.
  • lighter than conventional HDMI copper cables - 30m weighs only 760g.
  • More resilient, flexible and thinner (Dia 4.8mm) - Easy to feed through conduits; small bend radius (minimal recommended: 3cm).


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  • This item is covered by a 1 Year Warranty,
  • Please allow 3-5 Days Delivery on this item



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Product Questions
Does cable quality make a difference?
Absolutely. A system is only as good as it's weakest component and using poor quality cables can bottleneck the overall performance of your system. Even differences between digital cables are noticable when auditioned on good quality equipment.
How much should I spend on cables?
As with all HiFi the quality of the components should be balanced against each other to acheive optimum results. As a general rule you should be looking to spend between 10% and 20% of your budget on cables. Although many products are supplied with cables in the box these will generally be of minimum specification and should ideally be replaced with specialist alternatives
Do I need 4k certified HDMI cables to run 4k?
Ideally, yes, but some older cables that were manufactured to a high specification may still work. HDMI is best thought of as a data transmission rather than video and as such the acheivable quality is down to the bandwidth of your cables.

For basic 4k compatibility a bandwidth of around 10Gbps is required. This specification was introduced as a minimum standard for HDMI-1.4 certification and is capable of 4k resolution up to 24fps with Chroma sampling up to 4:2:2. 4k 50/60fps is not possible at this bandwidth.

For the latest full 4k specifications a bandwidth of 18Gbps is required. This was introduced as a minimum standard for HDMI 2.0 and covers 4k resolution at 24/50/60fps up to 4:4:4 Chroma sampling.

The longer your cable the more loss your HDMI signal experiences so when using longer cable lengths or installing inside walls and ceilings it is vital that you select a cable that is up to the job as if the data rate is insufficient you may receive no picture at all.
If I can't see a product on your website can you still order it for me?
Yes, possibly. With over 45 years experience we have built up good relationships with a wealth of suppliers and as a result can get hold of a wide range of products even if we don't currently list them on our website. Contact us with your requirements & we will do our best to help