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Chord Company C-Screen Speaker Cable

C-screen is a shielded speaker cable aimed at both audio and home cinema systems. -This item is cut to length and is non-returnable. Minimum order 4m
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Chord Company C-Screen Speaker Cable


C-screen is a shielded speaker cable aimed at both audio and home cinema systems.  It joins the award-winning line up of Chord Company shielded speaker cables, including the acclaimed Clearway and the high-performance Signature Reference.

Our design objective was to produce a cable discreet enough for easy fitting and routing, with all the performance benefits that shielding can bring.  C-screen is just 7mm in diameter and flexible enough to route around corners with ease. It’s finished with a white outer jacket which protects the shielding and makes it virtually invisible against white skirting boards.

C-screen features multi-stranded oxygen-free copper conductors, insulated with low-density polyethylene and arranged in a twisted-pair configuration to reduce interference. The cable is then enclosed in a PVC casing that reduces mechanical noise and spaces the conductors correctly, relative to the twin-foil shielding.

C-screen has the same characteristics as our other shielded speaker cables: the ability to carry a musical signal with a genuine sense of musical coherence and involvement;  shielded speaker cables bring real performance benefits to both hi-fi and home cinema systems, where interference can seriously affect sound quality.

At just £5 per metre and with the unquestionable performance one might expect from a Chord Company cable, C-screen is an ideal product for home cinema systems, where often complex cable-run requirements are the norm. It performs extremely well over longer runs and is easy to fit/route.

Entry level shielded speaker cable.  Conductors are based on Leyline conductors but are not tin plated.  A shielded discreet speaker cable suitable for hi-fi and home cinema.



    Essential Information

    • This item is covered by a 1 Year warranty
    • Please allow 3-5 Days Delivery on this item
    • This item is cut to length and is therefore a non-returnable product
    • Minimum Order 4m  

More Information
gtin (EAN or UPC) 5055581833399
Featured No
  • Conductor           High Purity OFC
  • Insulation            Polyethylene
  • Configuration    Twisted pair
  • Shielding              High density foil. Translucent PVC outer jacket
  • AWG     16
  • mm2      1.31
  • Overall dia           7mm
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