Flexson Sonos Play 3 Wall Bracket White

Every Flexson SONOS bracket has a host of clever features, from tilt and swivel functionality to flexible-fit cable covers. The Flexson SONOS brackets are made from superior-quality steel.
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Owners and installers of SONOS wireless hi-fi systems can now buy matching Flexson brackets, allowing them to wall-mount their music wherever they want. Every Flexson SONOS bracket has a host of clever features, from tilt and swivel functionality to flexible-fit cable covers. The Flexson SONOS brackets are made from superior-quality steel, are easy to fit and allow for neat cable routing. Swivel 60 degrees left and right, tilt 25 degrees downwards and 5 degrees upwards. Convenient hook-on mounting method for ease of installation and adjustment. 

  • Allows for portrait or landscape positioning
  • Simple fitting and adjustment bracket
  • Superior strength for rigid fixing
  • Quality finish to match SONOS products
  • It is designed and made in the UK

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Product Questions
Can I plug a turntable into my Sonos System?
A turntable can be connected to a Sonos Play:5, Connect or Connect Amp provided it either has a built in Phono PreAmplifier or you have an external Phono Pre-Amplifier connected in line between the Turntable & the Sonos component. Please Contact us if you require additional help with this option.
What do I need to run a Sonos system?
You will need Internet Access & a WiFi router to connect your Sonos device to your network. To control the system you will also need to download the Sonos App. This is available for Apple & Android touchscreen devices as well as Windows-PCs & Mac computers.
What audio formats does Sonos support?
Sonos supports the following formats up to 16-Bit 48kHz except where otherwise indicated:

Supported via streaming & PC storage: MP3 <320kbps / WMA <355kbps / AAC <320kbps / OGG <320kbps / FLAC <1411kbps / ALAC <1411kbps / AIFF <1411kbps, No Metadata / WAV <1411kbps, No Metadata

Supported via Apple storage devices AAC (DRM Free) <320kbps <44.1kHz / MP3 <320kbps

Supported Via Android storage devices AAC <320kbps / MP3 <320kbps / FLAC <1411kbps / M4A / MP4 / OGG / WAV <1411kbps, No Metadata

Supported via Internet Radio MP3 <320kbps / AAC <320kbps / WMA <355kbps

What streaming services does Sonos Support?
Sonos supports the following services:

7 Digital, Amazon Music, Anghami, Apple Music, Audiobooks, Bandcamp, Calm Radio, Classical Archives, Concert Vault, Record Radio, Daytrotter, Deezer, FIT Radio Workout, [email protected], Gaana, Google Play Music, Groove, Hearts Of Space,, Hype Machine,, LivePhish+, Mixcloud, Gameday A, Mood Mix, Mufie, Napster,, Qobuz, Radionomy, radioPup, RUSC, Saavn, SoundCloud, Soundmachine, Spotify, Spreaker, Stingray Music, Tidal, Tribe Of Noise.

* Some services may require a subscription fee. List accurate at March 2017, Services may be added or removed without notice.
Should I hard wire my Sonos system or use WiFi?
In most regular sized properties running your system on WiFi should provide adequate performance. However, in larger properties, commercial properties, & properties with thick walls it is recommended to hard-wire your Sonos components to your network for a reliable performance. As a general guide, if you have trouble accessing your WiFi in certain areas of your property then hard wiring your system is recommended.
What is a Sonos Boost & when do I need one?
Sonos Boost is a product designed to plug into your router to create a secondary WiFi channel dedicated to your Sonos system. This provides the extra bandwidth & speed that may be required for larger Sonos systems. If you have a Sonos 5.1 system or are experiencing dropout then a Sonos Boost is recomended. Alternatively hard wiring just one Sonos component to your network will have the same effect & allow you to configure a boosted system.
Does Sonos support Bluetooth?
Sonos does not support Bluetooth. Music can only be delivered via the Sonos App over WiFi.
If I can't see a product on your website can you still order it for me?
Yes, possibly. With over 45 years experience we have built up good relationships with a wealth of suppliers and as a result can get hold of a wide range of products even if we don't currently list them on our website. Contact us with your requirements & we will do our best to help