Reloop RP2000USB Turntable - Ortons AudioVisual
  • Reloop RP2000USB Turntable - Ortons AudioVisual
  • Reloop RP2000USB Turntable - Ortons AudioVisual
  • Reloop RP2000USB Turntable - Ortons AudioVisual

Reloop RP2000USB Turntable with USB

The Reloop RP-2000U stands up to professional expectations for use at home in a hi-fi system or in a bedroom DJ setup
Audiophile „best buy“ turntable
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 Reloop RP-2000 USB


The Reloop RP-2000 USB stands up to professional expectations thanks to its strong, quartz-driven direct drive motor; but it's price and durability also make it appealing to use at home in a hi-fi system as well as in a bedroom DJ set-up. 

As opposed to belt-driven decks, the direct-drive motor transfers the engine power (torque) directly to the platter, maintaining a truer speed and quicker start/stop times. This combines with the heavy-weight chassis and robust tone arm section, that are unparalleled at this price, to create an appealing, easy to set-up turntable package.  

With it's built in phono stage the RP-2000 USB is ready to plug straight into your amplifier and with the USB port on the back of the turntable allows you to record your vinyl straight to your computer or laptop! 

The package is completed by the inclusion of the Reloop OM Black cartridge, mounted onto a high-quality head shell; so you have everything you need to be playing out of the box.


Key Features:


  • DJ-designed turntable with direct-drive mechanism
  • Powerful drive design for accurate start/stop time
  • Supplied with cartridge and headshell
  • Heavy, well-designed chassis
  • Integrated phono stage
  • USB output
  • Captive phono cables


Essential Information:


  • Please allow 5-10 Days Delivery on this item
  • This product is supplied with a 1 Year Warranty

Additional Information

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·         Turntable:           Fully-Manual Direct-Drive Design

·         Speeds:                33 1/3 and 45 RPM

·         Drive:    DC Motor

·         Starting Torque:               >1000g/cm

·         Start/Stop Time:               < 1 second

·         Speed-Change Time:      < 1 second

·         Wow & Flutter: < 0.15% W RMS @ 33 1/3

·         S/N Ratio:            50dB+ (DIN - B)

·         Anti-Skating Range:        0 - 7.0g

·         Tracking Force Range:    1.5 - 2.0g

·         Power Consumption:     7.5W

·         Power Supply:   115/230V, 50/60Hz

·         Dimensions (W x D x H):                450 x 352 x 144mm

·         Weight:                9.5kg


·         Reloop OM Black Cartridge

·         Headshell

·         Slipmat

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Product Questions
What do I need to listen to my turntable?
A HiFi turntable requires a phono preamplifier (also referred to as a Phono Stage), an amplifier & speakers for you to listen to your music. The phono preamplifier may be separate, built into your turntable or more commonly built into your amplifier. You can also connect your turntable to a media speaker aux input using a phono preamplifier.
Can modern record players play 78rpm records?
Unless it explicitly states in the product specifications most turntables do not play 78rpm records. Some manufacturers offer modification kits but what is needed varies from model to model. Contact us with your turntable model number for personalised advice.
Why is my record playing at the wrong pitch?
Pitch is controlled by the speed of the turntable so it's likely that you have this set wrong. Some turntable have a button for speed control, others require manually changing by moving the belt position on the pulley. You may need to lift the platter on some models to access the pulley wheels.
Where can I buy replacement Styli & Belts?
We have a selection of styli, belts, spare parts & upgrades available in our turntable accessories & spares store here

If the part you require isn't listed please let us know via our Contact Us page & we will do our best to find the part you require.

Why is my turntable very quiet?
If your turntable is very quiet this is usually because you require a phono preamplifer for your system. If you have a phono pre-amplifer but the sound is still very quiet it maybe that you have a Moving Coil (MC) Cartridge on your turntable that specifically requires a Moving Coil Phono Pre-Amplifier. Some pre-amplifiers will have an MM/MC switch (Moving Magnet/Moving Coil) which can be changed for Moving Coil cartridges. Moving Coil cartridges are considered to give a far superiour sound but are also quite expensive so only tend to be fitted to high end turntables.
Why do turntables require a Phono PreAmplifier?
Turntables are a passive device with no internal amplification & give a very low output compared to other audio products. The Phono PreAmplifier boosts the output level to the same standard used by CD, Cassette, Radio etc.
How do I know if I need a Phono PreAmplifier?
If your HiFi amplifier has a phono preamplifier built in it will have a dedicated input on the rear labelled "Phono". Sometimes this is switchable via a toggle on the rear of your amplifier or via a software menu on the amplifier display & may need to be enabled to have effect. On some HiFi amplifiers the Phono input may have been an optional extra in which case there could be a label but no sockets. If there is no Phono PreAmplifier on your HiFi amplifier you will either need an external unit or a turntable with a built in PreAmplifier.

Modern media speakers designed for streaming can also be connected to a turntable if they have an Aux input. To do this you will need either an external Phono PreAmplifier or a turntable with a PreAmplifier built in.

How do I know if my turntable has a Phono PreAmplifier built in?
Most turntables do not have a PreAmplifier built in & it can sometimes be difficult to tell without checking the manual. If it does have a PreAmplifier there will sometimes be a switch on the rear of the turntable to toggle between Phono & Aux level output. You can also safely connect any turntable to an Aux input to check, if the volume is very low then a PreAmplifier will be required.
What cables do I need for my system
This will vary greatly depending on what equipment you are buying. Drop in store or Contact us for personalised advice.
If I can't see a product on your website can you still order it for me?
Yes, possibly. With over 45 years experience we have built up good relationships with a wealth of suppliers and as a result can get hold of a wide range of products even if we don't currently list them on our website. Contact us with your requirements & we will do our best to help