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  • Monitor Audio Wireless Stereo Receiver WR1 - OrtonsAudioVisual
  • Monitor Audio Wireless Stereo Receiver WR1 - OrtonsAudioVisual

Monitor Audio Wireless Stereo Receiver WR1

Monitor Audio Wireless Stereo Receiver WR1. Pair with the Monitor Audio WT1 for stereo wireless communication.
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Monitor Audio WR-1 Wireless Receiver

Pair the Monitor Audio WR1 Wireless receiver with the WT1 Wireless transmitter for wireless stereo communication.

WT-1 and WR-1 are diminutive wireless transmitter and complementary receiver modules measuring just 6cm round by 4cm deep. They can be used together to create a simple wireless zone extension, or to enable wireless rear speakers in a home theatre system.

The WT-1 and WR-1 are the ideal partners for placing between sources and amplifiers or amplifier and subs.

The WR-1 receiver plugs into the inputs of a remote subwoofer or amplifier. It is an ultra-compact module which can be placed hidden away behind other equipment.

 A non-slip silicon rubber bass is designed to not mark or leave residue on surfaces.

* WT1/WR1 are designed and approved to ErP standards and comply with Eco design for energy related products Regulations for Energy-Related Products Directive 2009/125/EC. This means the units consume less than 0.5Watts of power in standby mode.


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·         Format - Compact Wireless transmitter module

·         Frequency Response - 20Hz – 20KHz

·         Wireless Type - Lossless/uncompressed Digital 2.4GHz band

·         Wireless Range - 15M (dependant on building construction)

·         Input Impedance - 20K Ohms

·         Inputs - Analogue stereo inputs/outputs (RCA)

·         A.C Mains Adaptor - External plug type power supply (94-264 VAC) 5v output with world plug pins

·         D.C Input Voltage - 5v @ 50mA

·         Indicators - LED – on/connected

·         Power Consumption - < 0.5Watts standby  - ErP certified

·         Dimensions (H x W x D) - 6 cm round x 4 cm deep

·         Approvals - ETL/ CE/ Fcc/CB/ Erp

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