Rotel A14 80w Amplifier - Ortons AudioVisual
  • Rotel A14 80w Amplifier - Ortons AudioVisual
  • Rotel A14 80w Amplifier - Ortons AudioVisual
  • Rotel A14 80w Amplifier - Ortons AudioVisual

Rotel A14 2x80w Amplifier Black

The A14 is a high performance, 80-watt per channel integrated amplifier that delivers superb music reproduction. Delivery 2-3 Days
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Rotel A14 Integrated Amplifier


The flagship A14 has the highest power and widest set of features in the range. The A14 is rated at 80 watts per channel RMS into 8 ohms, both channels driven. Yet ratings alone do not reflect real world usage. The A14 features a rugged power supply comprising a Rotel-manufactured toroidal transformer plus slit-foil capacitors to effortlessly handle difficult speaker loads and dynamic signal peaks.

This is an impressively flexible audio component, designed to accommodate both classic analogue and the latest digital source components supported by the onboard AKM 32-bit/768kHz DAC. But its greatest strength lies in its ability to render a musical performance exactly as the artist intended

Essential Information

  • This item is covered by a 2 Year warranty
  • Please allow 2-3 Days Delivery on this item

Additional Information

gtin (EAN or UPC) 0672563243417
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·         DIMENSIONS (W × H × D)

o    430 × 93 × 345mm
17" × 3.6" × 13.5"



o    80mm (3.15")



o    230V, 50Hz



o    280W



o    <0.5W


·         NET WEIGHT

o    8.2kg (18lbs.)


·         BTU RATING (4Ω, 1/8th power)

o    632 BTU/h



o    80W/Ch (All channels driven, 8Ω)



o    (20Hz–20kHz) <0.03%



o    Line Level Inputs: 10Hz - 100kHz ±0.5dB

o    Digital Inputs: 10Hz - 80kHz ±3dB

o    Phono Input: 20Hz - 15kHz ±0.5dB


·         S/N RATIO (IHF "A" Weighted)

o    Line Level Inputs: 100dB

o    Digital Inputs: 103dB

o    Phono Input: 90dB

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Product Questions
What is the difference between an Integrated Amplifier, Pre-Amplifier & Power Amplifier?
An amplifier has 2 main internal sections. The switching & control section is called the Pre-Amplifier, this allows you to select your source & volume & sometimes allows tonal adjustment. The Power Amplifier then takes the signal from the Pre-Amplifier & amplifies it to power your speakers. An Integrated amplifier has both the Pre-Amplifier & Power Amplifier combined into a single box.
Can I upgrade my Amplifier with a Power Amplifier?
Some Integrated amplifiers have a pair of 'Pre-Out' sockets on the back which can be connected to an external Power Amplifier to upgrade your system. Please check the rear of your amplifier or Contact us with your model number for personalised advice.
What cables do I need for my system
This will vary greatly depending on what equipment you are buying. Drop in store or Contact us for personalised advice.
If I can't see a product on your website can you still order it for me?
Yes, possibly. With over 45 years experience we have built up good relationships with a wealth of suppliers and as a result can get hold of a wide range of products even if we don't currently list them on our website. Contact us with your requirements & we will do our best to help