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Ortofon Stylus 20


Suitable for Ortofon OM, OMB, OMP, OMT, TM, Concorde Series Cartridges and many other third party brands. See Detailed Description for full list - GB Delivery 2-3 Days

Ortofon 20 Stylus

Replacement stylus, recommended for the following cartridge models:
Super OM 20, OM 20, OMP 20, OMB 20, LM 20, Concorde 20, LM 20H, TM 20U, TM 20H 

Please note, all cartridges within the OM range have the same fitting, so they can all fit the Stylus 5, Stylus 5E, Stylus 10, Stylus 20, Stylus 30, Stylus 40 and Stylus 78.

Key Features:

  • Perfect stylus upgrade option for the Ortofon OM cartridge
  • Optimised sound reproduction
  • Distortion-free playback
  • Nude elliptical stylus profile

Also a compatible replacement for the following stylus models:

Stylus 1 / 3 / 3e
Stylus 5 / 5e
Stylus 7 / 10 / 10h
Stylus 12 / 14 / 15
Stylus 20 / 20h
Stylus 30 / 30h / 40
STD / Pro / Pro-S

DN165e / DN166e
DN167e / 
 / Gold

Scratch / Qbert
DJ / DJ-S / DJ-E

Nightclub / Nightclub-S
Nightclub-E / Elektro
Stylus 5
Stylus 5 / LMB5
RS5 / RS41

DN165E/ DN166E
DN167E / ULM65
3DMM2 / Stylus 

Unspecified model
OMP5E / OM20
OMB5 / PSP45
OMB10 / Stylus 10
M200E / D200E
Unspecified model

More Information
gtin (EAN or UPC) 5705796130089
Guarantee (mths) 12
  • Frequency Range:            20Hz - 27kHz
  • Frequency Response 20 - 20,000Hz:         +2 / -3dB
  • Tracking Ability at 315Hz:             Typically 80µm
  • Compliance, Dynamic, Lateral:    25µm
  • Stylus Type:        Nude Elliptical
  • Stylus Tip Radius r / R:    8 / 18µm
  • Equivalent Stylus Tip Mass:          0.4mg
  • Tracking Force Range:    1.25 - 1.75g (12.5 - 17.5mN)
  • Recommended Tracking Force: 1.5g (15mN)
  • Tracking Angle: 20º

  • Stylus Colour:     Black
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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Can modern record players play 78rpm records?

    Unless it explicitly states in the product specifications most turntables do not play 78rpm records. Some manufacturers offer modification kits but what is needed varies from model to model. Contact us with your turntable model number for personalised advice.

  • Why is my stylus listed under a different brand name to my system?

    Most HiFi & turntable brands do not manufacture their own styli & buy them in from other specialised brands. Because of this is it not always possible to identify your stylus from the brand name of the turntable .

  • Can the stylus be replaced on all cartridges?

    No. Styli can usually be replaced on Moving Magnet (MM) type cartridges but it is not possible to change the stylus on Moving Coil (MC) Cartridges

  • Can I fit an alternative cartridge if my stylus is no longer available?

    In most cases your turntable will have a 1/2" headshell mount, this can be identified by two small bolts running through your headshell to the cartridge. This is by far the most common type of connection with most new cartridges conforming to this standard. Other not so common but replaceable connections are a bayonet fitting, where the cartridge plugs directly into your tonearm via a bayonet, & a P4 connection, where your cartidge plugs directly into your tonearm by four pins. Fittings that are not replaceable include slide connectors such as those used by Dual & single screw connections, as used on very old turntables.

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